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Giving Thanks


Electra's Acres Goat's Milk Soap and Lotion donates 10% of our monthly retail sales to two local dog and animal rescue groups in Indiana: Creekside Animal Rescue and Helping Pawz Animal Rescue.


When I was a little girl, I loved dogs. I had a book with photos of different breeds of dogs and I memorized each of them. This love became a passion and many times in my life, my work revolved around dogs. The last gig was working with rescue jobs. It takes a special person to work in dog rescue; I could not handle the heartache. I became physically ill from the stress, so I had to stop.

Now, years later, I can help in my best way possible. Our goat farm and soap business is giving donations to animal rescues. Each month we give 10 percent of our retail sales to two local dog rescues. I know these people and I know that every penny goes to the animals. I wish I had their courage and strength.

However, I can make excellent soap and lotions from our goat's milkā€”and offer them to wonderful people who can enjoy a healthy life through using quality, handmade soap. In doing this, I can also contribute to two rescues that save many dogs, cats and other pets. It feels good.

I looked in my backyard, and found a way to give thanks by giving to others who contribute to a better community, home and world.


Every bar of soap or product that you purchase from Electra's Acres Goat's Milk Soap & Lotion is also helping animals and the people who took it upon themselves to save them. To see what these amazing people do, you can follow them on Facebook.

Thank you for your contribution!


Catching up

I am much better at posting on our Facebook page, Electra's Acres Goat's Milk Soap & Lotion, than in this blog.  So, today I am catching up by copying some posts and learning to post on this BLOG too.June 2016I cut some of the new soaps. They will be ready to sell in a [...]

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Some days are surprising

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Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market season is over. Thank you to everyone who creates, works, attends and shops at the Greencastle Farmer's Market.  It was a great year for us and we plan to be there next year.

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