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Some days are surprising


Some days are full of surprises.  Today I heard from an old friend.  During the conversation, all the years flew by and it was as if we had just talked yesterday.  Those surprises are fun and treasured.

Making soap can also be a bit of a surprise.  Goat's milk never behaves when mixing with the lye.  There are many elements that change, so creating the exact same soap each time (when making handmade soap) is very difficult.  I do not try anymore.  I believe each soap is as individual as the person using it.  

These are some of the soap we made last Saturday.  The soap on the left is scented with Cranberry.  I added color to create a pretty cranberry looking soap.  Looks great, right.

This is what the soap looks like now.  The deep color did not hold.  It is still a pretty soap. However, I wish the deeper cranberry color had stuck around. 

The first time I make a new soap, I find what needs to be adjusted for the next time.  This one just needs more color to get my desired look.  .  

This cranberry color was not a big deal compared to what happened with the Oatmeal Stout soap.

This soap just seized up...meaning it started to harden before I could get the color mixed.  I think the problem was the fragrance had a lot of Vanilla and I forgot to add a stabilizer.  However, one never knows. 

The end result was actually awesome, except for the air holes.  I think because the soap has an Oatmeal Stout scent, the air holes are part of the theme.  I will try some different things next time, but it is not a loss.

The last new soap that we made the other night was this Clove bar.  It is a special order.  I decided to add some black color on the top to create a different look.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  

We like to make each type of scented soap a little by adding some color or ingredient to create a different look for each scent.  Even with this addition, our soap is still simple.  Our main focus is the ingredients.  We want you to buy this soap and use it.  I do not create soap for display.  

Now, that I have said that, I must admit some of the soap that will be coming out for the holidays are a bit fancy.  However, I still want people to use the soap.  I would be surprised if you didn't.